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WORLD PICTURES AUSTRALIA is a production company based in Sydney, Australia. The company develops and produces feature films and multi-platform content.

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We are now streaming "MY CORNERSTONE" on Amazon Prime!
Here is the link for those from United States of America: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CJ1HF3Z
And for those from United Kingdom, here it is: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CJPK2ZD
For Vimeo Viewers, Use this link: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mycornerstone
We are coming soon into other countries!! Stay Tuned for more upates.

Our Upcoming Movies

  • Newton's 3rd Law

    In a world where the headlines scream terrorism, violence, abuse and despair, enter the world of the few who are charged with stopping the rot. Mark and Mike Henson are twins. They are also cops, who have had more than their share of experience with the dark side of the society - and its victims. When they are asked to join an elite anti-terrorist 'flying-squad', they volunteer - but they will discover that terror is a beast with many faces. From an international terrorist known as Ghinli - 'the deadly wind' - now rumoured to be working from Australia, to a new brand of urban terrorist, with a new face, but an all-too-familiar modus operandi, the squad must race against time, and their own history, to prevent a catastrophe.

  • My Cornerstone

    Indian nurse Adina David secures a healthcare position in Australia. Upon arrival in Sydney the young nurse is placed in the household of the Pintos, a wealthy Indian-Australian family. Adina’s given the task of caring for Lydia Pinto, an elderly stroke victim. Lydia’s feisty daughter-in- law, Miriam Pinto, treats Adina like a slave. An East-West clash begins between the two women as although both are Indians, Miriam is Australian-born and feels superior to anyone born in India. Adina soon reaches the end of her tether as Miriam continues to work her like a dog and Eli makes a series of advances. Feeling on the verge of a breakdown, memories from her past come flooding back to Adina. She finds she can no longer suppress the horrific flashbacks in her mind. With the help of his grandmother, Lydia, who plays cupid, Eli figures out Adina is hiding a secret – something dark that occurred in India. Sensing his love interest will never be able to open up until she releases her past, Eli pushes for answers but Adina won’t reveal anything. Just when there appears to be no hope of resolving any of the conflicts, the Pintos are visited by Chris, an enigmatic neighbour. Chris subtly influences the household and somehow paves the way for multiple healings. However, his presence opens up a new mystery: Who the hell is he?!

  • After Armageddon

    After Armageddon is a dystopian, sci-fi drama which explores Man’s desire to find order in a disorderly world. On one level the story is a wilderness survival adventure that takes place in the not-too-distant future after a global Apocalypse has occurred. On another level it’s a search for the meaning of life, if there is one, and a quest to find out if there is a God or not. After Armageddon is a one-of-a kind performance-driven film. It’s an improvisational art-house movie in which 90% of the dialogue was ad-libbed during each take, giving the film a documentary-like realism and immediacy. The story is a poignant intellectual discourse with black humor and unexpected surprises including friendships forming from conflict and deceit among comrades. The unique production is almost a synthesis between film and theatre where the theatre stage is the spectacular Australian landscape.

  • Love You Krishna

    Not all the surprises at once

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